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Canadian Local Network owns and operates a fast growing network of more than 100 local directories, city guides and special affinity websites serving all of Canada’s major cities and other consumer markets. We are adding websites to this Network on a weekly basis and as it continues to grow it will enhance the Canadian online experience for both consumers and advertisers.

Our Canadian Local Network is unique in the Canadian online marketplace in that it allows Advertisers to find interested consumers within their geographic area and category of interest. For consumers finding service providers in their area who are ready to satisfy their needs is also a valuable way to save time and money.

The websites in our Network serve all of Canada’s largest cities such as,, and many more as well as many mid sized cities including and will in the future extend even to smaller cities. Our vertical category websites serve the specific needs of special interest categories such as and dozens of other websites. The localization and precision of connection and interaction that takes place within the Canadian Local Network is second to none in the Canadian Online Environment.

If you seek to promote a Canadian Local Website or Online Service to a Canadian audience in a particular geographic area or even across Canada our Canadian Local Network has a Web Property to satisfy your needs.