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Local Search Engine Optimization - Local SEO

As a complement to our Search Engine Marketing services LocalMarketing.ca offers advanced Search Engine Optimization SEO services to local businesses. Unlike Paid Search and Pay per Click search services where the advertiser pays for placement within the search engine results pages of major search engines and incurs a cost each time someone clicks on its links and visits their websites in Local Search Engine Optimization SEO the focus is on enhancing and maximizing the visibility of the local business within the Organic or free search engine results page.

There are differences of opinion on which search engine marketing method is more effective, whether to pay or not pay for placement and focus on optimization. We believe both methods have advantages and disadvantages and utilize them as required, in many instances we also recommend that Advertisers do both since they work together well and complement each other. Paid Search can deliver an immediate stream of visitors and traffic to a website at a relatively high cost and Search Engine Optimization SEO can deliver a large and steady stream of visitors over the longer term at a lower cost but with greater up front marketing effort. As in all cases we assess each Advertiser challenge individually and seek to deliver an optimal solution.

The Local Search Engine Optimization services provided by LocalMarketing.ca help local businesses that already have websites to increase their visibility in search engine results pages. Greater visibility in search engines means more end user traffic and typically more business.

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