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What is LocalMarketing.ca?

LocalMarketing.ca is one of Canada’s leading online marketing and advertising companies. It owns and operates the largest independent Network of Canadian Local directories and niche websites. These websites help connect Canadian consumers with the products, services and information that they are seeking.

Why should I work with LocalMarketing.ca?

LocalMarketing.ca has a complete portfolio of online marketing solutions with a core focus of serving the needs of small and midsize local businesses. These often underserved local businesses will find in LocalMarketing.ca a partner committed to their success.

I own a local business, what can LocalMarketing.ca do for me?

If you own or operate a business with a local focus you should definitely be working with LocalMarketing.ca. With our large Network of hyper local focused websites we are sure to have one that will put you directly in front of your future consumers.

I operate a network of many local retail locations, what can LocalMarketing.ca do for me?

Operating a Network of retail locations makes it easier to work with LocalMarketing.ca because we have targeted niche websites serving all of Canada’s major cities as well as a number of affinity websites in specific categories.

I am an online Ad Agency and have customers that need to enhance their online presence. What can LocalMarketing.ca do for me?

If you are an Internet Ad Agency or other Internet marketing professional one of your key challenges may be to find online websites where you may be able to feature your client in a high quality, professional context. The LocalMarketing.ca Canadian Local Network provides you with a vehicle to do exactly that.

I promote Online Services and do not have a retail location. Can I still work with LocalMarketing.ca?

Yes, as long as you provide a service that is available to consumers within their particular local area you can list your services within our Local Directories.

I am a Consumer, how can I utilize LocalMarketing.ca?

Tens of thousands of Canadian consumers already use our many Local Websites every day to find the information they seek about where to find products and services in your local area.