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Clients serves the needs of a diverse set of customers including both businesses and consumers who are being brought together within our ecosystem of local and affinity websites and directories.

Business Clients

Local Businesses

Individual local businesses list their businesses in our various websites and directories by creating deep and detailed profiles providing online consumers with access to all of their relevant information.

Ad Agencies, SEO Agencies and other Internet Marketing Specialists: Internet Marketing specialists that have been contracted by their clients to improve and enhance their Online presence trust to list the online businesses of their customers within the Network.

Brand Advertisers

Brand Advertisers that need to reach online Canadians in specific local areas rely on the Network to reach online Canadians in these areas.

Consumer Clients


Canadian Online Consumers search and find relevant, timely information to support their decision making process when selecting amongst various local businesses and where to shop within the Network. Presently operates more than 50 websites and directories and Canadians visit them daily to satisfy their information needs.